Sunday, 15 April 2012

W.I.P. Horror!

I have just taken stock of all the W.I.P.'s I have, both knitting and sewing. How does that happen? I thought that if I listed them for the world to see it might motivate me to get some of them completed. So I have the jumper in the photograph, another jumper, the bow tie quilt and the Ohio red star quilt. I did spend an hour on the bow tie quilt this morning and was pleased to find I only had 32 more squares left to hand quilt! O.K. I also have a sock yarn blanket, the hearts all around BOM from Popular Patchwork and the farmers wife sampler quilt.

Waiting to be started are the Linus quilt for my quilting groups challenge, the yarn from The Natural Dye Studio's Great British Wools Club, to make a crochet granny square blanket, yarn for the swing jacket I bought from Woolfish which is a gorgeous shade of purple and finally all those little bits of embroidery and ideas to be tried.

What a good job it is that I have retired!!!

1 comment:

  1. LOL! There isn't enough space in blogland to list all my unfinshed projects! I blame the internet for being so darn full of interesting new things to try (or maybe I have ADD)

    Happy knitting!