Sunday, 25 November 2012

Pretty Interchangeable Knitting Needle Cosy

Storing interchangeable knitting needles can be a problem, the plastic pouch I bought my set in was ugly and started splitting almost as soon as I started using it. A solution needed to be found. So I made one of these for myself a few months ago and have found it solved the problem. This is the second one I have made with modifications on the first and for a friend at Moonstone Yarns Knit Group. 

This fabric is much prettier than the one I made for myself as I was trying out and didn't want to waste lovely material if I messed up or it didn't work.

There are thin pockets for the needles, large pockets for the cables and small ones for the needle stopper and the little metal things to help attach needles to cables. The small square pockets have velcro to keep things from falling out. I'm still not happy though and want to find another method of keeping the small pockets closed. There are more than enough pockets for additional items. I keep small scissors, small tape measure, little flat box of sewing up needles, needle size gauge and row markers in the pockets and there is plenty of room in mine. Hope you like it Mandy.

Two Drawstring Bags for Two Little Girls

This tried and tested pattern has come up trumps again for these two bags for two little girls. Its a simple, versatile and sensible pattern that takes little time to make and does what it says on the tin. I hope Gracie May and Ivy May like them. I made them almost identical, just individualising them with different linings and ties to match. Just incase you haven't seen or tried this pattern, here is the link.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sock Knitting Workshop

I love this stack of knitted socks, you too can knit some like this by joining in with the latest sock knitting workshop at Moonstone Yarns. If you can knit and purl then you can join the sock knitting community by coming along and joining in the fun.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sock Monkey Workshop

Meet Colin. Who'd have thought you could turn a pair of socks into a cute toy. He now needs some clothes. I'm on it!

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Cracking Mitred Corners

The latest make for the school xmas fayre which is this Sunday! I have plastic boxes full of stuff, pencil cases, kindle cosies, glasses cases, lavendar bags, handbag tissue holders, sock knitting kits, baby bibs, pincushions, and the list goes on.  I have to say I am very proud of my corners on this quilt. I have struggled to make them  look neat and professional, these come close. This picture also shows off the backing fabric which I choose, I have to say how much I'm liking the stripe, I love the way it looks on the back with the binding in the same fabric. It pleases my eye as it goes in the same direction on two of the edges and perpendicular on the other two. 

I made a quick dash to Threads and Patches this morning so I could finish the quilt. I have two weeks off from looking after my elderly mother so I am doing supply teaching, no work today though so I thought I had better get the quilt finished as I had a free day. Good job I did as I have work tomorrow and Friday.

On Saturday I'm going to be having fun at Moonstone Yarns  making sock monkeys with Kathy and some of the rest of my knitty friends. Pictures will follow.