Monday, 30 September 2013

Follow the Bunting!

Yarndale, what can I say? It was brilliant, so many people selling gorgeous things. Bunting everywhere, a lovely sunny day, a double decker bus decorated with bunting on the outside and sheep on the inside. Smiles and happy faces. That was my experience. Some however were turned back as there was no parking left and some left waiting for ages for the loo or a coffee.

I'm sure that problems encountered this year will be rectified for next year because it was too good not to do again.

Ducks by the canal, the walk to the venue was delightful with bunting and yarn bombing all the way.

Trees with Pom poms and bunting.

Wow! Just wow!
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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Dyeing Yarn at Toft Alpaca

It was really sweet how the mummy alpacas surrounded the babies to keep them safe as we entered their field, they were so close we could hear them humming to each other.

I spent a lovely day learning how to dye yarn, it was a great workshop, Debbie Tomkies was full of information, she showed us several ways of dyeing yarn to achieve different effects. We also made a range of colours using different quantities of dye to see how easy it was to make the colour we wanted.

This was my main effort, hopefully when I've knitted it up into socks it will be striped in the three colours. I'll post pictures of the socks when they are knitted. 

Harriet at Toft Alpaca was the perfect hostess, the lunch was lovely and the piece of carrot cake as huge. I would really recommend workshops at Toft.

I didn't come home empty handed. Not only did I have my dyed yarn, I also bought 500gms of grey alpaca fluff for spinning, its so soft.