Sunday, 30 January 2011

Finished Place Mats

These are the place mats finished. The fabric was from Seamstar, detailed on my previous post when I had completed one of them. The fabric bundle was just right with 6 or 7 fat quarters, that's enough for the patchwork top, the backing and the borders. I love them! They make the table look really springlike and fresh. Today too I did the RSPB Bird Watch, I saw a total of 7 different species, not as many as most people but that did include 4 goldfinches. Oh and today I sold my first sock kit, on Ebay for less than I would have hoped but I have made a profit. I'm tempted to take one off my Etsy site and put it on Ebay, I seem to have more luck. As my sister says, no one's heard of Etsy.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Zippy Pouches

Two made today, one for me and one for my sister, both to hold Sennheiser fold up headphones. There is a zippy pouch for everything! Fabric for both bought at Fabrics Galore The linings are from a bundle of plain fat quarters from Hobbycraft. They were really good value at £19.99 for seven fat quarters. Also today I have almost finished the place mats I started a couple of weeks ago. I'll finish tomorrow and post pics.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Busy Weekend.

I've been busy again! Two sock kits, one to my sister for her birthday and one for Ebay. Also a try out tea cosy, very easy but I think I made the loop at the top too big. Also I was keen to put it together to see how it went so only did decorative blanket stitch around one of the stars. It would have ben much prettier if I had done it around lots of the stars in the different colours. Also this weekend I finished the first of a friends socks and have started the second. Her husband is going to be 50 so I have knitted 50 around the top of the socks. I'm using Zauberball yarn again, I love it, it's soft and knits up beautifully. I have also put a set of sock knitters row markers on Ebay. I love crafty weekends!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

One down Five to go

One completed placemat with a pack of 'The Minds Eye' fabric from SeamStar I love the bright springy colours. I have put together the other 5 but they're not quilted or bound yet. That's a job for next weekend.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Etsy Shop Now Open!

Well it took a while, but here it is Judinits These are the items I have put in the shop today. I'm hoping I'll have some customers.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Row Markers

These were simple to make, the beads were in my stash of crafty stuff and had been for years. Using pliers and a few findings I bought today at Hobbycraft, eight sets of row markers for sock knitting have emerged. Yay!

Girlie Pink!

A busy weekend at the sewing machine and fabric buying. Friday I went to Fabrics Galore. I had a great time fondling and crooning over lovely fabric at terrific prices. I'm so dedicated that I walked the mile from Glapham Common Station to Lavender Hill and back again in the rain to shop there! Saturday I made the bags which will contain my sock knitting kits that are going to go in my Etsy shop when it finally opens and when I have made and gathered together all the things that need to go into the kit. Today I made this cushion for Anna's daughter. If I were a girl of 10, I would love it. I also made the front of another cushion, as yet unfinished, also for the shop. I'm now going to spend the next hour or so making the row markers with beads to go into the kits. Busy, busy, busy. Love it!