Sunday, 26 June 2011

Noro Yarn

Oh what to knit with these lovely yarns? Noro Kochoran and Silk Garden Light. Decisions, decisions.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Baby Bird Quilt Finished

I'm really pleased with this, I love the freshness of the colours. I hope the mummy of the baby that's going to get this loves it as much as I do. All new babies need a hand made quilt.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Baby Bird Quilt


I've made a start on this quilt, the top is done, I now need to get the batting and choose a backing for it, I'm thinking the green spot would look good. I also need to get the baby's name and date of birth to embroider on the back. This is so pretty. I would add a link to the fabric but I'm struggling with loading pictures from my new camera on my computer the way I used to. I'm using picassa and blogging from there to get the pictures on. There is a blog post from a few weeks ago that identifies the fabric and supplier.
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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Pirton Open Gardens


Such a shame, after weeks of dry weather the heavens opened on Pirton Open Gardens. Usually a lovely event with fab gardens to ooh! and aah! at. I wanted to play with my new Panasonic TZ10. This is the only picture I took. Everyone was very jolly even though the event they had been planning and working for for weeks was a wash out. However, even in the rain the gardens were lovely, my feet squelched!
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Monday, 6 June 2011

James Mayhew in School

As art coordinator in school I was able to organise James Mayhew to come in and paint a mural with the children. This beautiful mural took a day and some 100 kids in batches of 8 to paint. It represents fairy tales and stories that have foods as a theme. Food and Drink is our school theme this term. I am so impressed that with right input and support our childred can produce work such as this. For those leaving this summer it is a lasting legacy of their time at our school. We are hoping to get James back at to paint another mural on another wall. Fantastic!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Roman Blinds

My sister and I spent a lovely day making two roman blinds. Neither of us had made them before so the first one went really slowly, second one went swimmingly. I'm certainly going to consider making them for my conservatory although with 10 windows its going to be a big job. There is also the choice of fabric to consider, plain, patterned, a mixture of both?
The fabric my sister chose was Jane Churchill linen which she got in a sale for half its price so a real bargain. It's so pretty, I love it, not sure if I could live with it all around me in the conservatory though.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Oh I've Been so Busy!

Just couldn't stop making pin cushions yesterday, that was before I started the cable cardi. I really love being at home and not at work!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Marble Chunky Cardi

I saw this pattern at my knitting group this evening and had to buy yarn and start to knit it. Chunky yarn on 6mm needles should be a really quick project. There wasn't enough grey so I went for the red.

Loving Half Term

I've been having a lovely time not being at school. Yesterday I made three cushions, two from some beautiful floral fabric from Clarke and Clarke. The other with a bundle of fat quarters in muted and washed out pinks. I'm not sure whether to put these on Ebay or to open a Folksy shop. I'd love to put them on Folksy, not only is it cheaper for me but also we should be supporting the handmade in all its glory. But its just not as 'out there' as Ebay. Today I made three log cabin pin cushions and bought zips to make up a few sock knitting kits. Again decisions, Ebay or Folksy for these too.

I finally got around to planting up my window boxes, I've gone with a white theme this year, the plants are far too small to look anything just yet, but give them a few weeks and hopefully they will look lovely. As soon as there is anything to see I'll put pictures. I did have a look at last years on my blog for inspiration, handy things, blogs.