Wednesday, 6 January 2016

First Dyeing of the New Year

And first blog post, I really want to get back into the habit of doing this as it's such a great reminder of things I have done and how I did them. Hence the dyeing. These are new dyes for me from Doodlestop. The main reason for using them is that they can be used in the kitchen with utensils from the kitchen, most importantly, my microwave.

My usual method requires a large pot on the stove that is only used for dyeing, a nuisance and time consuming. I had been wanting to use the microwave for ages and with these dyes I could.

The purple is Superwash Merino, nylon and cashmere. The red is the same as the purple but a high twist so the yarn is denser. The blue is Superwash blue faced leicester and donegal neps. All the dye solutions were 1.25ml with 125ml of water. I then added dye in 10ml amounts to water and put the yarn in. The purple was 10ml blue and 20 ml red. I'm not really happy with it but dyeing is all about experimentation.
 I have quite a lot of sock yarn for dyeing so more playing on the horizon.