Sunday, 27 June 2010

Stained Glass

What a lovely weekend I have just had. I went on a stained glass course in beautiful Derbyshire. Our teacher, Lily was wonderful, so patient and helpful, we all came away with two finished items. The group were great fun and the location was ideal, I would recommend this to anyone. Some of it I found quite difficult, the actual glas cutting wasn't too bad and I thought the design I had made of a loch in Scotland scene would be quite straightforward. However, as all my pieces were curved I had to make them fit together by grozing and nibling with pliers. I found that very hard. I love making things, but the nice thing about this particular course was the company, So if you read my blog ladies, thank you. XX

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Yet Another Busy Day

I used what was leftover from the Moda Hunky Dory jelly roll after finishing the quilt top to make a strip bag. Unfortunately the only strips left for the handle were a bit dull so that does spoil it. None the less I am happy with the bag and will probably give it to my classroom help at the end of term

This blog is turning out to be mainly about my sewing escapades or maybe its because I am doing quite a lot of sewing at the moment. I've got another 2 jelly rolls coming from Ebay so more sewing I think.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

What a Busy Day

Not only finished and blocked Anna's little shawl but also finished the quilt top I started yesterday. This was going to be for a baby, but I think it's too big. I'm sure I'll find another use for it and in the meantime I can make another cot quilt. Such a chore. This quilt top has gone together really quickly, jelly rolls are wonderful things asa lot of the cutting is already done. If I had made this out of fat quarters it would have taken ages to do all the cutting of the pieces.

Anna's Annis Shawl

Finished this in only a few evenings. It's for Anna for her birthday. The pattern is free on Ravelry.

Friday, 18 June 2010

I've Had Fun Today!

I love that I don't work Friday's anymore. I have spent most of the day putting together the blocks for the 'Daisy Chain' quilt. It's for a baby and I'm a little concerned it's a bit too pink. It's still cooking so we don't know whether it's a girl or a boy yet. Also I'm not sure whether to use white fleece for the backing or a colour, maybe pick out the green in the fabric. I'll get the top done then I'll go looking for the fleece for the back. This quilt top is coming together really quickly.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

About to go Into the Sewing Machine

I have just received a Moda Jelly Roll called Hunky Dory and some white border fabric to make a baby quilt for a relative's new baby. I have chosen the 'Daisy Chain' Quilt from the Jelly Roll book by Pam Lintott. I'm going to start cutting and sewing tomorrow. I shall post my progress on the blog.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


I was inspired to take a picture or two of my vase of roses by Concha in her blog. She does beautiful things with the flowers from her garden so I though I would try it.


I couldn't resist taking photos of this vase of roses from my garden.

Finished the Noro Cardigan

The colours are lovely and I have been experimenting with my new camera and some arty shots to show off the cardigan. I'm not entirely happy with it, especially the neck and the sleeves. I hope Mum won't mind. I'll be givng it to her tomorrow when I see her. I have some lovely bright pink tissue to wrap it in.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Just Off My Needles!

This was a really quick knit, it took all of a 5 days and I wasn't even trying. In a scarf emergency I reckon I could rustle one of these babies up in a couple of evenings. Anyway I used Wensleydale Longwool, 4 ply. I ran out but it just means mine is a little narrower than the pattern suggests. Also I didn't do the nupps or noups, I did practice them but they were a fiddle so I decided not to bother. This pattern is the Annis Scarf and is free on Ravelry.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Judi has a new camera!

I finally got round to upgrading my old Olympus to a Canon Powershot. So I have now shot to 10 megapixels from only 3. Looking at the photos there doesn't seem to be that much of an improvement. I'm also struggling with all the settings, even though it is advertised as a beginner level camera. The little booklet that comes with it only gives the very basics, i.e. how to turn it on and how to take a simple picture. The rest of the manual is on a disc, I'm tempted to print it off, all 128 pages, just so I can have easy access to it. Anyway the picture of my window box, which I planted up yesterday was taken with the new camera.
I'm very happy with my window boxes with their yellow and white theme they look fresh and bright.