Saturday, 7 April 2012

The End of Two Eras

After almost 20 years of teaching full time, I retired. The pictures shows the lovely gifts I was given by the children and staff at the school where I worked. Those eagle eyed amongst you will of course spot the large Cath Kidston project bag. In it was some yarn and John Lewis vouchers. The flowers were beautiful. The most precious item though is this lovely card/book. There is a note for me from every child in the school and every member of staff. I was truly touched to receive this. I will treasure it. So an end of an era for me.
No sooner had I had my retirement do than I was called to my parent's home as my father had been given just days to live. It was expected, he had been ill for a while but I thought I would have longer, he left us quietly and peacefully with his family around him on Sunday 1st of April. He had a wonderful life and he will be hugely missed. So the end of another era as my mother cannot live alone, she is too unwell, so the house will be shut up and gradually emptied over the next few weeks. Sad times but necessary.


  1. Judi, such lovely presents on your retirement from the children and staff. The special card/book will be so special to you as you browse through it in future years.
    So sorry to hear about your Dad. You sound as though you have very good memories which will help you through. It is sad when a family home has to be emptied because there are so many happy memories there. Will you Mother live with you? Hugs Irene

  2. Such a bitter-sweet time for you. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

  3. Lovely gifts you received from everyone! So sad about your dad but thank goodness for memories and photos for the end of both your eras!!Here's to new beginnings!