Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Posy Baby Cardigan in Three Sizes

I'm sorry it has taken me ages to rewrite this pattern to include three sizes. I have made all three and this is the latest one which is the middle size. I just love this colour and the red heart buttons. I did go with a moss stitch collar, button band, button hole band, cuff and welt on this one just to ring the changes from the garter stitch a little. Looking closely at the picture it seems I have missed a ring of moss stitch on one of the cuffs, should you make one, you won't do that. That's what comes of trying to finish in  hurry.

As I have been a bad blogger I have forgotton how to create a link for this pattern in the tutorials and patterns section of the blog. I will work it out but in the meantime here is the link from this blog post. So I shall post this for now and go an play with creating the better link.