Monday, 23 April 2012

Very Busy and Wet Weekend!

My brother, sister and myself spent the weekend at my parents home in Dorset clearing. We need to get the house in a condition to rent it out to help pay for my mother's care. So we went through every room, drawer, cupboard, box etc to sort the contents into house clearance and storage. It was a bitter sweet process, so many memories and good times are attached to the house and its contents. So sad that this does mark the end of an era.

We have shared some things out between ourselves for safe keeping for my mother, there are also things to sell which have value which will also go into the looking after mum pot. Amongst the things I brought home with me are these vintage linen items. I love old linen, I love how it feels and I love the colours. I will take good care of these.

Both the drive down there and the return journey were horrible as I seemed to hit every downpour and hailstorm going on the M1, M25, M3 and A303 this weekend!

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