Friday, 1 June 2012

Linus Quilt Finished

I finished this today, I only started it yesterday. Emma of Little Star Cottons donated two fabrics to our quilting group, the blue spot and the one with the animals. Using the two fabrics, a fat quarter of each, and some other fabrics of our own we have all made a baby quilt for Project Linus. They will all be on display at our annual exhibition on 23rd June and visitors will be asked to choose their favourite. 

I used this patten  from Oh Franson's blog, it went together really quickly, she used a charm pack so her squares were 5 inches, I went for 6 inch to make the quilt just a little bigger. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone else's efforts at their quilts, and how the fabrics have been used.


  1. Its beautiful and will be a wonderful donation to Linus.

  2. Thank you Jane, I can't wait to see all the others.