Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Knitted Throw Project

This gorgeous yarn is the last five months of The Natural Dye Studio's Great British Wool Club . I've just noticed that I've made a mistake on the square shown, it should be like the orange one in the picture below. Never mind, that's the beauty of handmade. I've started with the dark grey which is 50% merino and 50% Zwartbles, it is a dream to knit with because of the softness of the yarn, not the composition as that is a little splitty. I really don't mind as I'm loving the feel of it through my fingers.

This is the throw I'm making with the yarn, I know that I'm using finer wool than this pattern calls for and finer needles so it will come out a little smaller, I may add a border, I don't know yet. My project notes can be found here. I like the portability of a project like this and it's pick up and put downableness (made up word - sorry) As I've been collecting this wool I've looking for a pattern for it, I was going to make crochet granny squares but I'm glad I found this, I think it will be fab.

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  1. Pretty! And your yarn colors are fabulous. And made-up words are fun. :-)