Monday, 30 May 2011

Away for the Weekend Again!

We have been away so much this last month. Anyway, just got back from a weekend in Seahouses. The reason? to visit the Farne Islands and see some puffins. Last year we went to the Orkneys but only saw one puffin, clearly bought in for the day to entertain the public, Pete, the puffin put on a lovely show but he did look a bit like a 'Billy no mates' on his tod. Inner Farne on the other hand had more puffins than you could shake a stick at. They were everywhere, completely mad beaks, little stubby legs and flappage that you wouldn't have though would get them off the ground. Nesting next to that most elegant, if dim bird, the artic tern. Beautifully streamlined for the thousands of miles it flies when it migrates but very dim as it nests on the paths people walk on when they visit the Islands. It also gets very cross when the public walk on the paths, I felt like I was in the film 'The Birds' as I got my head pecked by numerous grumpy artic terns protecting their eggs. I was glad of my hat. Photography was difficult as the wind almost blew us off our feet and the boat trip out to the island, well bouncy and wet would best describe it.

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