Sunday, 22 May 2011

Weekend in Wales

We went to Wales this weekend to see the final of the Heineken Cup at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff. The match was brilliant, really exciting, the atmosphere was great, better than Murrayfield in 2009. We stayed in a lovely Bed and Breakfast near Abergavenny called Penpergwm Lodge The house was huge and beautiful, it really felt as if we were staying with friends in their home. The garden was stunning. It was hard to chose one picture to put on this post of the garden, maybe I'll have to put some more on over the next few days. This picture shows a very small part of the garden but probably my favourite part. We went to Symonds Yat on Friday to see the peregrin falcons but were more excited by the nuthatches in a nesting box only a few feet away. We couldn't drag ourselves away.

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