Sunday, 23 January 2011

Busy Weekend.

I've been busy again! Two sock kits, one to my sister for her birthday and one for Ebay. Also a try out tea cosy, very easy but I think I made the loop at the top too big. Also I was keen to put it together to see how it went so only did decorative blanket stitch around one of the stars. It would have ben much prettier if I had done it around lots of the stars in the different colours. Also this weekend I finished the first of a friends socks and have started the second. Her husband is going to be 50 so I have knitted 50 around the top of the socks. I'm using Zauberball yarn again, I love it, it's soft and knits up beautifully. I have also put a set of sock knitters row markers on Ebay. I love crafty weekends!

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