Sunday, 9 January 2011

Girlie Pink!

A busy weekend at the sewing machine and fabric buying. Friday I went to Fabrics Galore. I had a great time fondling and crooning over lovely fabric at terrific prices. I'm so dedicated that I walked the mile from Glapham Common Station to Lavender Hill and back again in the rain to shop there! Saturday I made the bags which will contain my sock knitting kits that are going to go in my Etsy shop when it finally opens and when I have made and gathered together all the things that need to go into the kit. Today I made this cushion for Anna's daughter. If I were a girl of 10, I would love it. I also made the front of another cushion, as yet unfinished, also for the shop. I'm now going to spend the next hour or so making the row markers with beads to go into the kits. Busy, busy, busy. Love it!

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