Sunday, 27 June 2010

Stained Glass

What a lovely weekend I have just had. I went on a stained glass course in beautiful Derbyshire. Our teacher, Lily was wonderful, so patient and helpful, we all came away with two finished items. The group were great fun and the location was ideal, I would recommend this to anyone. Some of it I found quite difficult, the actual glas cutting wasn't too bad and I thought the design I had made of a loch in Scotland scene would be quite straightforward. However, as all my pieces were curved I had to make them fit together by grozing and nibling with pliers. I found that very hard. I love making things, but the nice thing about this particular course was the company, So if you read my blog ladies, thank you. XX


  1. Fantastic blog, great to meet you on the stained glass course, sorry its taken so long - had a few computer problems. Looking forward to meeting up at the festival of quilts. Jo