Saturday, 5 June 2010

Judi has a new camera!

I finally got round to upgrading my old Olympus to a Canon Powershot. So I have now shot to 10 megapixels from only 3. Looking at the photos there doesn't seem to be that much of an improvement. I'm also struggling with all the settings, even though it is advertised as a beginner level camera. The little booklet that comes with it only gives the very basics, i.e. how to turn it on and how to take a simple picture. The rest of the manual is on a disc, I'm tempted to print it off, all 128 pages, just so I can have easy access to it. Anyway the picture of my window box, which I planted up yesterday was taken with the new camera.
I'm very happy with my window boxes with their yellow and white theme they look fresh and bright.

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