Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Adventures in Spinning


Remember this from my last blog post? My first attempt at spindle spinning? like I need another crafty hobby? Anyway it turned into this!

 Two hanks of spun wool. Hurray!

And then this, plied together to make a marl effect yarn and now being knitted into a cowl or a mat or whatever I can get out of it. I've really enjoyed the process even though it was a trial to see whether it would be feasable to spin my own yarn to cut down on costs for my knitting. It might be, if I can get a more even spin, maybe I need to play with a proper wheel to see if I can achieve it.

So let's see what I can do with this, I'm wondering if I can mix the fluff to make a variagated yarn or whether I spin each colour and then ply them together. We shall see. I need to so something with it by Saturday as I'm going up to Derbyshire to the monthly 'Wensley Yarn Workers' meeting on Sunday. The colours of the fluff I have chosen are to go with the April Challenge a photograph of some clematis.

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