Monday, 8 April 2013

Grace is Finished

I've really enjoyed this knit-a-long. I'm pleased with the results although the cardi is a little snug. My tension was correct but the fronts could be a little wider, I've looked at other finished ones on Ravelry and it seems mine is not the only one that seems a little small at the front. I doubt I'll be doing it up much so it's wearable.

I love the Liberty print buttons, they give a real pop of colour. I also finally go around to making the skirt to go with it. For the first time I used a dress form, now fondly known as Judi2, to help with the making. What a difference it makes being able to pin the pieces onto me but not onto me if you get my drift. The outfit works really well and I 'm happy with the results.

I need to make a necklace to go with it, I can now, check out my previous post.