Sunday, 10 February 2013

Patchwork Sampler Blanket

In an attempt to get my intarsia and fair isle knitting skills ready for the 'Tilly' sweater I have gone off piste with the knitted blocks for the Patchwork Sampler Throw. See this post and this one. I still have yarn left so will need to make some more but for now this one hibernates so I can get on with other things. 

Namely this! The 'Pebbles' tapestry cushion kit by Kaffe - the colour king! It was in the sale, what could I do? I still have the Square Dance to finish but it won't take long, then I get on with it, the colours are lovely and will go so well with the Square Dance cushion. My aim is to cover my sofa with tapestry cushions. 
Working full time has meant that I have had less time to play, however after Easter I will be going back to part time so many of my half finished projects will become finished ones. Especially as I have a bit of an idea about dressmaking and creating whole outfits with knitting and sewing for myself. I have ideas in my head and on paper so watch this space.


  1. Like the look of the blanket,, and the cushion kit. Where did you get it from?

    1. Hi Caz,
      Erhman tapestry send me a brochure every now and then with sale items on it and I couldn't resist. It is on their website.
      They did have a shop in Kensington, I'm not sure if they still do.