Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Day!

If you read yesterday's blog post you'll recognise Dennis the Dove. This is him today! In  few weeks time I'll photograph him surrounded by daffodils. Am able to blog today as it's a snow day! I have been working though, so now I'm taking a break.

I've almost finished the silver top down I was making as a KAL with Mandy. So as I have had this pattern in my Ravelry queue for ages I thought I'd think about it next. I have these balls of Albayarn so I was thinking of a stripe. I only need use four of them to make the sweater or do I use all of them? Just don't know at the moment. First I need to get the right tension, and yes I do do tension squares, I know many don't. I just think that if I've spent money on the yarn and time on the garment I want to be pretty sure it will turn our the right size.

My blog posts lately seem to be very knitty. I did sew yesterday but as I made a gift and the recipient may well look at my blog I can't pop a photo on even though I'm very happy with it. Knitting is so easy to pick up and put down, unlike sewing with the machine, all that cutting up and putting the right thread in the machine and ironing of fabric etc. Once this term contract is over I'll be able to do more sewing.


  1. Poor Dennis,,brrr!
    Iike the colours for your sweater.

  2. Thanks Caz, I just can't decide whether to go for them all or just four and then which four?