Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bunting and Tweet

Blimey but it's hard to photograph is bunting! Nowhere in my little house was there a wall big enough without pictures, shelves, doors or windows in the way. So I took it outside which worked except that I should have tidied up the conservatory before I took it. Mind you it shows a busy workroom. It started to rain then so I decided to leave it. I am pleased with the bunting though, hopefully it will set my table off to tee for the school fayre.

Appliqued cushion, I'm hoping to use this as an example should anyone want a personalised one, I can do any name and any picture as long as it is a simple shape. I'm thinking of doing a 'Woof' one next with a little dog on it in blues, I'm going to struggle though as most of my stash is pink, I have no idea how that has happened. The back of the cushion is pink stripe, you can just see it at the top of the picture.