Sunday, 29 July 2012

Baby Bib

Today's make, A commission for a friend of mine, I hope she likes it. It was very simple except I sewed the layers together in the wrong order and had to unpick it all. Note to self, make sure the layers are in the right order before sewing. i.e. the backing wrong side up on top of the front and the towelling. I was going to applique the letters onto it but they would have taken up too much room  so I went for embroidery instead. 

I also put little flowers onto it just for interest but generally simple is best on a small item such as this. I cobbled together a pattern from ones I had seen, apart from my mistake at the beginning and the nuisance of the machine thread breaking while I was sewing the buttonhole, this was an easy and straightforward make. Another thing to make for the new grandchild due in September, Yay!

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