Thursday, 22 March 2012

Little Dumpling

Today's make. I used Keyka Lou's pattern again but this time I appliqued a heart with the fabric that I used for the lining. There is a little pink stitching around the heart that hasn't come out clearly on the photo. This is a lovely little pattern, I'll definitely be making more. Not photographed is the cushion top I also made this morning. I now have four cushions waiting to be piped. Cannot do as I still have not received the piping foot I ordered, out of stock apparently. So frustrating, I know I can use my zipper foot but it kept slipping so I'm not happy with it.


  1. Looks great I've just ordered some zips to make some coin purses :-)

  2. Love your little dumpling! I have been meaning to try that pattern myself. One day I'll get around to it!