Thursday, 19 January 2012

Damask Knit-A-Long

I wasn't going to, I have so many knitting and sewing projects on the go, but when I saw this knitalong on Martine's blog, I just had to do it. Not only was Martine involved but also Chloe who has made a damask shawl before. There is a group on imake's forum on ravelry, here is the link to the pattern. So now there are quite a few knitters involved. It is a lovely pattern, I'm using a skein of Easyknits Cherish in gun metal grey, it goes from almost black to pale grey. It's going to look great with all the purple I seem to be wearing at the moment. This pattern takes you from the longest edge to the shortest, so the more that is knitted the shorter the rows get and the quicker it goes. My kind of knitting.

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