Thursday, 20 August 2015

Dottie Angel Dress

I had been waiting for this pattern for ages. I saw examples of the dress on Pinterest and knew I wanted to make one. Fortunately Tif from Dottie Angel was able to publish her pattern through Simplicity Patterns, it is pattern 1080. The number of pictures on Pinterest of this dress is growing by the day.

I found this lovely check linen on Hitchin Market for only £5 per metre, it creases like mad but feels and hangs beautifully and I think works really well for this dress. The bias trim and the pockets were some lawn I bought at a sewing show earlier in the year. 

From my measurements I went for medium, unfortunately it did come up rather wide across the shoulders so I had to do some jiggery pokery with pleats front and back at the neckline. I was a bit disappointed, not enough not to wear though. It is the comfiest dress I own. I also lowered the tucks by about 2 inches as on other reviews I had read this was the advice for those of us with an ample bosom. I'm glad I did as that adjustment worked well for me. 

All in all a success as I am wearing it and I do love it. I have today made a toile using an old duvet of the dress in a size small with the tucks lowered, but not as far as on this one. I'm glad I have as the small is definitely the best size for me. I have some lovely fabric I bought in Brugges to make another one. 

This dress is part of a homemade wardrobe project. The Twigs and Willows cardigan by Alana Dakos is almost done, back, fronts and sleeves started using Drops Lima ,my go to yarn for cardi's. It's soft, warm durable and comes in a range of lovely colours. Not in this picture is the yarn for a crescent shaped scarf, shawl thing which hopefully will complete the outfit. It's a light grey silvery colour.  


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