Monday, 3 June 2013

Learning to Take Photographs

This is one of my favourite photos that I took on the photography course that we went to on Saturday. The theme for all of the pictures was curves and lines. I hope you can see the line of the wall behind the flowers, maybe a little blurred but it is there.  

Lovely lines and curves on this one, a different photo altogether, the first one I used macro and a low f stop to get close to the flowers and the background blurred but on the one of the estuary at low tide I used a bigger f stop. Tricks taught by Rachel and Phil from Photography Made Simple. This is the second course we have done with them, both have been just fab.

I tried hard to balance this one and get the view central to the doorway, curves at the top.

No curves or lines on this one except the bubbles of water, just me playing with the shutter speed and motion. I definitely want to take more photos of fountains or waterfalls. It was a great day.

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