Sunday, 3 March 2013

Brassington Buttons

Lovely weekend with my sister in Matlock,. We spent Saturday shopping in wool shops and Sunday with the Wensley Yarn Workers. Kate showed us how to make Brassington Buttons, this one's mine, a variation on Dorset Buttons, in the morning. And in the afternoon Jane showed me how to spin. I used her table top electric spinner and then I used David's Kiwi spinnning wheel. As if I need another hobby but I loved the spinning. 

These are all the buttons that were made by the group on Sunday. The Wensley Yarn Workers use the 'Reading Room' in Wensley on the first Sunday of the month for yarn and crafty enterprises. They were all so welcoming and lovely company, Lovely hall with an open fire and a great lunch. I feel as I've made new friends. I can't wait for The first Sunday in April for the next one.


  1. Love the buttons,,, cute!!

  2. Hi, I'm looking for a lady in Brassington who used to make thease. She had a done who would be 26 now