Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Square Dance

Inspired by this I went shopping in Hobbycraft with a photo of my hearth rug for colours. I chose fourteen skeins of tapestry wools and bought an 18" by 18" piece of 10 hpi canvas. It has been years since I did any tapestry and that was all printed canvas in quite intricate designs. Doing this is so liberating as I'm obviously keeping to the 4 x 4 blocks but am choosing colours and deciding as I go along how big to make it. I think I will deviate from Jane's design by putting a border on it of several 2 row lines of the different colours. We'll see when I get there. It is going fairly quickly but as with all these projects and my rather disorganised way of working I have other projects half done which need finishing, I'm torn. I need to spend an hour on each one in turn so that things get finished.

The Climbing Vines Cardigan is the most important of these UFO's because I really want to wear it. It's going to go with so many of my clothes and I love the cabling and the colour, this photo doesn't do it justice as its a lovely shade of mustard. But, it's on fairly small needles and there is at least one use of the cable needle in every row! The cable repeat is twelve rows long and there are about eight different cable configurations. I have done the back, the fronts and am onto the sleeves so the end is nigh. I have a couple of hours this morning before I go and teach a year 4 class in Luton, so I shall knuckle down, deep joy!

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