Saturday, 11 August 2012

London 2012

Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to go to the Olympic Aquatic Centre to watch the men's qualifying dives for the 3 metre springboard. It was fantastic, I have to join in with all the people that have talked about the atmosphere and the support of the crowds, it was awesome. The actual venue was interesting as the roof dips over the pool so if you are high up, which we were, you can't see the audience on the other side which made it a little claustrophobic, the centre of the roof where it dips though looks like a sperm whale which was cool.

The whole venue was huge and packed with people, the atmosphere was brilliant, everyone was smiling and enjoying the day, the volunteers where everywhere and so helpful and cheery, even at St Pancras and Stratford International stations they greeted us with a smile.
The buildings, some temporary and some permanent were works of art, especially the velodrome and BMW car centre. It blew us away as it had water falling all round it and into a pool.

I had seen on TV the planting in the gardens in the park but was really impressed when I saw them for real. The look was of meadows of flowers, really informal except that they were in colour families. I loved the warmth of the yellows, golds and oranges. With the pop of blue of the cornflowers.

And the delicacy of the blues, pinks and whites. It was all so pretty
We had a great day out and I'm only sorry we were only able to get one set of tickets for one event, it was so frustrating walking near the main stadium and hearing the roaring crowds and not being able to be in there. I think I might try to get tickets for a para-olympic event just to get into the main arena to enjoy the atmosphere.


  1. You knitted that! Now that is impressive how long did it take you?

  2. Haha! I had to dig deep into my stash!!