Saturday, 29 October 2011

My Favourite Place

Just got back from a few days on Orkney. It was great, its so peaceful and quiet. Kirkwall has some lovely shops such as Judith Glue and Sheila Fleet and lovely places to eat and chill Helgi's is just one. We made some new friends, Sylvie and Willie who ran the B&B and Jane the painter.

Jane Puckering has been in the Orkneys for the last month painting and in that time I think she has got to know everyone on Orkney. For some reason I can't make the link to Jane's website work. Sorry Jane, anyone wanting to look needs to google Jane Puckering. Lovely art!


  1. It is very peaceful up there isn't it? I have an aunt that lives on Sanday. She says that two cars and a tractor is a traffic jam!!!

  2. So peaceful, Last time we went we went to Westray and Pappa Westray, the airport is a shed and a wind sock! Love it.