Sunday, 20 March 2011

Busy Sunday

I only seem to be able to blog at the weekends, too busy during the week. So here goes with the latest. Friday I went to Stitch and Craft at Olympia, to be honest, I was disappointed. Maybe because I am so used the hugeness of Knitting and Stitching at Ally Pally, there wasn't much fabric or much yarn, only a handful of stands. Usefully though Fabrics Galore were there so I was able to get some fabric from them. I also found ribbons, buttons, some yarn for a mohair shawl and a gorgeous cross stitch kit of chickens.
Yesterday I made four zippy pouches for sock knitting kits. I've run out and have none for sale on Ebay.
Today I put the kits together and made a zippy pouch for Tom's tablet, I measured carefully but didn't take into account the zip would make the opening narrower than the width of the pouch, so I really hope it fits. I've used the left over bits from Anna's baby quilt, only because he saw it and said he wanted it. C'est la vie.
I don't think the pictures are going to end up on this post in the places I want them to be in. Going to stop here as I have more to write and show.

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  1. I think this Ipad cover is really funky. You are soooo clever and talented.XX